About MONTapp

The Monitoring System for Montessori teaching and education

Developed by Vivid Onderwijs, Netherlands

Montessori teachers have confidence in the individual strength of the spirit of the child, they have a scientific attitude and an analytic mind set. You follow the child’s development , check the effectiveness of the teaching content and teachers activities. MONTapp has been developed to assist the teacher.

The contents are related to the pedagogical, anthropological and educational ideas of Maria Montessori and were enriched and expanded by recent theoretical findings from the 21st century.

In MONTapp are introductory help texts with definitions of various terms and content as well as leading questions for the general observation and the goal orientated observation of the child's behaviour.

MONTapp enables the teacher to represent the behaviour or the skills of the individual child within certain areas of development.

These areas of development are:

  • Periods of growth
  • Perception
  • Locomotion
  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • Geometry
  • Sciences
  • Arts

Prerequisite is the observational stance of teachers and educators. Hereby, we believe that the alert and mentally active teachers observe, notice and analyse the important moments in the development of the child.

First, the specific comments are entered in the electronic system. Based on this information the teacher makes decisions.

It’s about goal orientated:

  • waiting
  • observation,
  • demonstration
  • evaluation and
  • registration.

The registration then enters in one of the developmental areas. Goal orientated decisions of the teacher are planned and executed. Only if the teacher is sure that the child can apply the skill or masters the behaviour the teacher makes a registration in the appropriate field. These registrations are automatically saved and remain in the system. When the teacher makes only a note, the content of the note will be stored in the PLANNING.

The system works with teaching months. There are 48 periods of time in the system. Every year has 3 terms with every 4 months. It starts with the toddlers age from 1 year, and reaches secondary in the up to the age of 15 years.

In the profile you see blank and blue parts. The blue part of the profile shows the period of time in which certain behaviour of the child can be expected. The blank part from left to right means: there is still no development expected and from right to left: a development is no longer expected.

The registration is counted by the computer and placed in the profile in colours.


  • Red means: between 0% and 60% of the possible registry issues are registered.
  • Yellow means: between 60% and 80% of the possible registry issues are registered.
  • Green means: 80% to 100% of the possible registry issues are registered.
  • In case of special education it is possible to delete the blue colour of the fields.

In this way MONTapp provides an overview of the abilities of the child at any time so that the teachers and educators can decide how they will coach the children and youngsters.

MONTapp offers the possibility to talk in the team of teachers / educators about the class room management and the coaching of the children and youngsters. So, at school level, MONTapp contributes to an improvement of teaching.

The updated description in the profile gives the teachers / educators sets of a secure base for discussions with the parents / educators of the child.


step 1: observe the child's behaviour

step 2: analyse the observation

step 3: make decisions about the guiding

step 4: analyse the results of the work of the child and evaluate

step 5: report the parents.

The authors of the MONTapp are drs. Els Mattijssen and drs. Ward van de Vijver.

They studied pedagogy and psychology. They investigate and coach school teams, children and young people in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Russia and Ukraine.

Many teachers and educators from the German Kinderhaus and schools commented MONTapp. So they increased its quality. Many thanks for this.