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What are the advantages of MONTapp?
MONTapp is
  1. Helpful

    MONTapp is a useful tool that supports the teacher by observing and evaluating activities

  2. Easy to use

    The program is very easy to use. You don't need to install it, because it is web-based and runs on the Internet

  3. Practical

    The content is adapted to the national framework curricula from the toddler level (1 year) up to the secondary level (15 years)

  4. Science based

    The contents are related to the pedagogical, anthropological and educational ideas of Maria Montessori and were enriched and expanded by recent theoretical findings from the 21st century

  5. Web based

    You can use MONTapp anywhere by tablet, laptop, I phone or PC

  6. Safe

    All data are doubly secured. They will be sent over an encrypted connection and stored on a secure server.

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MONTAPP is developed by Vivid Onderwijs, the Netherlands

Montessori teachers have confidence in the individual strength of the spirit of the child, they have a scientific attitude and an analytic mind set. You follow the child’s development , check the effectiveness of the teaching content and teachers activities. MONTapp has been developed to assist the teacher.